Audio and Video with David Loy

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Online course!
In January 2018 David’s 10-lecture online course “The Dharma of Social and Ecological Engagement” (Wisdom Academy) became available. Find out more and sign up here.

A collection of 22 talks by David is available at Dharmaseed.
2018 Audio David Loy on Nonduality. Chitheads podcast. Talks
2018 Audio Audio recording of Dharma Talk: "Awareness Bound and Unbound" on October 9, 2018

Dharma Talk
2018 Audio An Eco-Dharma Workshop/Retreat with David Loy Talks
2018 Audio Buddhism and Global Warming. An interview by podcast hosts Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith. Interview
2018 Audio Audio recording of Dharma Talk: "No Birth or Death, and No End of Birth and Death" on March 27, 2018

Dharma Talk
2018 Video Zen: An Introduction by David Loy Dharma Talk
2018 Audio David Loy on the Intersection of Buddhism and Modern Culture Dharma Talk
2018 Audio Audio recording of Dharma Talk: "Is the Ecological Crisis Also a Buddhist Crisis?"

Dharma Talk
2018 Audio Living in a World Made of Stories Dharma Talk
2017 Audio EcoDharma talk in Chicago (direct link to the audio file; more on the Mindful Reflection Community is here) Dharma Talk
2017 Video Why Zen Buddhism and the Modern World Need Each Other ( in English with live Spanish translation) Dharma Talk
2017 Audio Audio recording of Dharma Talk: "How to Live Eternally?"

Dharma Talk
2017 Audio Interview with David Loy Spirit Matters Talk
2017 Video "Dukkha, Anatta & EcoDharma" - an interview with David Loy
2017 Video Buddha at the Gas Pump interview with David Loy Buddha at the Gas Pump
2017 Audio The New Story of the Universe, an interview with David Loy Interfaith Voices
2016 Audio Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center Secular Buddhist Association Podcast
2016 Audio David Loy's interview on Modern Buddhism Wisdom Publications
2016 Video David Loy's talk: "Awakening from the Illusion of our Separation: A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-Crisis" Smith College Buddhist Studies on October 6, 2016
2016 Video David Loy's Keynote, Daibosatsu Zendo/Zen Studies Society Anniversary Celebration July 3, 2016
2016 Video David Loy's talk at Changing Climate, Changing Minds Seminar Dartmouth College, April 8-9, 2016
2016 Audio Audio recording of Dharma Field Talk: "What if climate change is not the real problem?"

Dharma Field Talk
2015 Video David Loy: Zen Philosopher and Social Critic Video from 1998
2015 Video Why the Eco-Crisis is also a Buddhist Crisis Talk given in Denver CO, November 2015
2015 Audio David Loy on Santa Fe Radio Cafe KFSFR Specials
2015 Audio "Awakening from the Illusion of Separation"/"Erwachen aus der Illusion des Getrenntseins" (English with German translation) (David Loy, Übersetzung: Felix Baritsch)

Audio recording:
Tibetisches Zentrum, Hamburg, Germany
2015 Audio Modern Buddhism The Wisdom Podcoast
2015 Audio The Ecological Crisis is a Buddhist Crisis Dharma Podcasts from Upaya Zen Center
2015 Audio A Buddhist Perspective on Capitalism: a talk given to the Eco-Dharma Sangha in Boulder, Colorado, September 12, 2015

Audio recording:
Eco-Dharma Sangha in Boulder, Colorado
2015 Video "The Politics of Buddhism: Awakening from Institutionalized Greed, Ill-Will, and Delusion" (and a summary) Beyond Awakening Series
2015 Video "Why Buddhism and the Modern World Need Each Other" presented by David Loy on April 1 at Harvard Divinity School (deutsche Übersetzung) Harvard Divinity School
2014 Video "Money Sex Fame Karma: A Buddhist Perspective" presented by David Loy. Filmed & edited by Martin Voelker Oct. 5 2014 at Jefferson Unitarian Church. Jefferson Unitarian Church
2014 Video "Uncanny Parallels: The Problems and Possibilities that Buddhism and Swedenborgianism Share" Presented by David Loy Swedenborg Foundation
2014 Podcast Eco-Dharma (Part 1) and Bodhisattva Activist (Part 2) Buddhist Geeks Podcast
2014 Video Keynote Address: "The Interdependence of Violence: A Buddhist Perspective" Numata Conference in Hawaii
2014 Audio Audio from Engaged Buddhism Retreat Spirit Rock April 2014
2013 Video "The Ethics of Wealth: Buddha and the Green Goo: How Much is Too Much?" Talk by David Loy at Stanford University
2013 Video "The Conscious Change Agent Web Show, with guest David Loy" Jack Butler: The Conscious Change Agent
2013 Audio "Why Buddhism and the West Need Each Other" Introduction, Lecture Part 1, Lecture Part 2 Chuang Yen Monastery Lecture
2013 Audio The New Story of the Universe with Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis Interfaith Radio
2013 Podcast David Loy and Ron Purser: Buddhist Questions About Mindfulness Secular Buddhist Association
2013 Video David appears briefly in Overview, a highly-recommended video Planetary Collective
2013 Audio David Loy's dharma talk "Cosmos as Transformation" Talk given at Village Zendo in April 2013
2013 Audio David Loy's contribution to "Zen Brain: Greed and Generosity. The Neuroscience and Path of Transforming Addiction." Talk given at Upaya in April 2013
2013 Audio "Melding the Western and Buddhist Traditions" Talk given at Upaya in April 2013
2012 Podcast "A New Story for Buddhism?" Windhorse Zen Community, November 2012
2012 Podcasts "Awakening in Service and Action: A Study Retreat on Socially Engaged Buddhism", Spirit Rock, May 2012 Dharma Seed
2012 Online Video A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-crisis - Part 1 YouTube
2011 Podcast Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Evolving Buddhist Geeks Podcast
2011 Podcasts Dharma talks at Gaia House, Devon, England, June 2011 Gaia House
2011 Three Podcasts “Why Buddhism Needs the West”
“The Suffering of Self”
“Healing Ecology: a Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-Crisis”
Secular Buddhist Association
2011 Podcast Ethan Nichtern, David Loy and Michael Stone discuss the Occupy movement The Interdependence Project
2011 Lecture (Video) “Why Buddhism and the West Need Each Other: the nonduality of personal and social transformation” Naropa University
2010 Podcast Money, Sex, War, and Karma Upaya Institute and Zen Center, Upaya Dharma Podcasts, vol. 17 (2010)
2010 Audio Interview Ethan Nichtern Interviews David; in two parts The Interdependence Project