Blog Posts by David Loy

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Ongoing Blog Pages For a list of David's Huffington Post blogs, see See the links below for some of those posts. HuffPost Religion, The Huffington Post
2021 Blog post Nourishing Our Commitment One Earth Sangha
2020 Blog post Don’t-Know Mind and the Election of Our Lives Tricycle
2020 Blog post Touching the Earth: An Ecodharma Retreat (with Johann Robbins) Buddhistdoor
2020 Blog post The nonduality of good and evil The Transnational
2020 Blog post Becoming an Ecosattva Tricycle
2018 Blog post The Meaning of it All Mountain Cloud Zen Center
2018 Blog post The Many Faces of Nonduality Insight Journal
2018 Blog post The Nonduality of Good and Evil (originally published in 2002) Tricycle
2017 Blog post In Search of the Sacred Mountain Cloud Zen Center Blog
2017 Blog post 21st century Buddhism: Facing institutionalized suffering Quaker Universalist Conversations Blog
2017 Blog post What is Ecodharma? Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center Blog
2016 Talk Transcript "The Bodhisattva Path in the Trump Era" (link opens a PDF) A talk given at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
2016 Interview "The Zen of Gratitude: Why is More and More Always Better if It Can Never Be Enough?" (link opens a PDF) Spiritual Health
2016 Article "Religion as Umbrella, Religion as Path: A Buddhist Perspective on Becker" Ernest Becker Foundation
2015 Article "The Meaning of It All" Excellence Reporter
2015 Article Buddhists Must Awaken to the Ecological Crisis (PDF version) Lion's Roar
2015 Article Awakening in the Age of Climate Change (link opens a PDF) Tricycle
2014 Article A Buddhist God? Tikkun
2014 Blog post What Buddhism and Psychotherapy Are Learning From Each Other HuffPost Religion, The Huffington Post
2014 Blog post The Karma of GMO Food HuffPost Religion, The Huffington Post
2014 Blog post The Living Death of Being Unknown HuffPost Religion, The Huffington Post
2014 Blog post Awareness Bound and Unbound HuffPost Religion, The Huffington Post
2013 Articles "A New Buddhist Story"
"Collective Bubbles of Delusion"
2013 Article "Can Mindfulness Change A Corporation? An Open Letter to William George" (available also in French) Turning Wheel Media
2012 Article "I Vow to Be Political—Buddhism, Social Change, and Skillful Means." Transcript of Forum with Mushim Ikeda and Joan Sutherland Buddhadharma, The Practitioner's Quarterly
2011 Interview “Waking Up from the Nightmare:Buddhist Reflections on Occupy Wall Street” Tikkun
Upaya Institute
2011 Article A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change (with Bhikkhu Bodhi and John Stanley) Ecological Buddhism
2010 Article Why We Love War PBS Discussion of the David Grubin film, The Buddha
2009 Blog Entry A collective awakening? (Buddhist reflections on Copenhagen) Shambala Sunspace blog
2009 Blog Entry Barack Obama, “The War President” Shambala Sunspace blog